New game in development

I am glad to welcome all the interested ones.

Today we are going to reveal you the project that we have not announced yet. The material have been prepared and we are now ready to share it with you!

We are developing this project for the smallest users, so it will be not only fun, but also educational. However, these are not the only features we’ve got. The game will be released in two design styles – since we have two wonderful, and most importantly, very talented artists working on the project. They are working on their assets in different styles, and each of them will bring their very own, author’s vision, flavours and features into the game.

Here, take a look how wonderful their works are:

Peering at it you fall into the childhood again!

Try to guess what the game based on these works will be about?

While you are enjoying our artists’ excellent work, we will prepare the new updates.

Stay tuned, a lot of new and interesting stuff is coming soon.

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