The Long Way to Right Style. Virus Game

Today I wanna share with you, how many attempts we had to find the right concept in the appearance of our game Virus.

The game is logical strategy. If you remember, the first look of the game was something like this:

It was a prototype style. And we cannot accept it in our future game. So we started to try different styles to find the right.

We had 2 ways:

  1. To make the game looks like Mini Metro (search the steam).
  2. Or to make the game not schematic, but with real characters.

We decided to try both.

Our first concepts was really awful:

We tried to draw the VIRUS itself and it’s not that easy. Should it looks like ciliate slipper? Or how does the Virus look like?

Ciliate Slipper?

We continue our tries.

It looked much better. We felt, that it is much closer to the way, we may like. We decided to use isometric style. And decided to draw viruses with funny faces in cute style.

Really close.
But not exactly what we need.

That’s how we started to draw military theme.

After several tries it looks like this:

it’s the last picture, that we will have. But we feel that it’s really close to the ready version.

I just wanna thank our illustrator Dima for his patience and endless attempts. Try and you will definitely succeed!

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