Long-awaited release

Glad to welcome all the interested ones.

This week, our children’s game “Uraaaaaaaaaah” was released.

We did a great job, met and dealt with many hardships, so finally we can introduce it to you.

The game is about a pony race, which you can take care of during a variety of exciting mini-games.

Our main character, Vasya and her favorite, can be dressed to your liking – victories in races get you awards, which can be spent on jewelry for our heroes.

And this is not all – the game has a wonderful garden: not a simple one, but with a fine music tune, and the good-natured bee will help you figuring out how to have fun there.

Moreover, children will be able to listen to funny songs from Vasya and watch comics about her adventures on our multi-platform. All this will help the child develop faster, since we implemented the trainings in the games.

What I wanted to say: call your kids to the screens, we invite you to the fun Vasya farm!

Many adventures are awaiting for us!

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