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Hello everyone once again!

We decided to make the tips as a small standalone topic. So far, we have already told about our mistakes, gave advice on what to pay attention first of all, etc.

It is time to take a closer looks at the elements of the game.

Why is it important? This will allow a better understanding of the any games work, understand what you are willing to concentrate more on in particular, and also avoid a lot of mistakes as a result.

First of all, your every game should start with a game card in which you will provide brief information about it. The next step will depend on which genre you choose: if there is a story, which supposed to be the core of your game – you should go on to writing a story, if there is none – then just skip it.

Why is history and lore are so important?

In case your game is not tied to mechanics only, then you need to show some process going on to the player. That means – events and hero development during his path, it so important not only because moving on the gamer through the plot and around the game world. Writing lore will help to make a list of NPCs in the first place, describe the locations, and provide an approximate amount of work for the level designer and artists. If your game has a modest budget, decent script and a deep lore will be your best helpers, as the efforts put in this direction very often give the best results.

Most importantly, remember:

  1. Do not seek to find an idea which is more than unique, concentrate on seeking a good or popular concept that you like and that you really understand.
  2. Do not overcomplicate. Strive to present the idea as simply as possible, since people who do not know the context simply will not understand the message you trying to bring.
  3. Ask questions while building a story. You can do it simply: ask a friend to listen to the story you’ve written, and then, let him ask questions about all parts of the story gradually – this will help identify the weak points of your work.
  4. If you are unable to come up with something fresh in the genre or story, just turn it over, create a reverse situation, or bring it to the point of absurdity. This cannot be regarded as a panacea though, but quite often it may give some material for a nice thought or a fresh look.

Rubric: Advice from God – Game LoreThank you all for your attention. We hope our advice will be useful to you!

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