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Hello dear readers!

Today I will once again touch the ideas generation topic, which we have already discussed on our YouTube channel, but I want to talk about it in more detail now.

Just wanted to say from the very beginning – do remember, as in any other field, there are no instructions on how to get a result unequivocally, there are only tips on how to multiply and increase the chance of achieving it.

First, any idea has a foundation and is built from your knowledge. The idea can not arise from nothing. The truth is – in order to come up with something, you need to learn something first.

So try not to limit yourself in the genres of music, movies and everything that you enjoy. Try to watch as many scientific programs about any field as possible. Play all the games you can reach. Read a lot of books – the more material to build an idea you have, the higher the chance to come up with it will be.

Second thing is – the analysis. Take it as a rule to analyze everything that you have learned, looked or heard, especially those things that you either liked or disgusted; analysis of other people’s works will help you when working on your own.

Third part – write and do it constantly. Write down everything that occurred to you and you appreciated, whether it is a fresh idea or not. Perhaps, sometime in the future you will come back and refine the idea, or make one out of a several less significant.

Forth – discuss. Share your ideas with your friends, discuss others ideas, as it will help to hear the weaknesses of your idea, or opinion from the side. Do not be afraid of criticism, use it as a way to find weak points in your idea.

Fifth, the process of generating ideas. The key part of this is the process of the formation of an idea, the moment when it is born. Each person has his own, there is definitely no good recommendations. In my case, this happens during relaxing walks, or before I prepare to fall asleep, as in these moments my head is filled with different thoughts. Try to understand what makes you think, maybe it’s running or drawing, it doesn’t matter – just find a catalyst.

Learn the three most important words: knowledge, analysis, discussion.
They will help you at every stage of development.
I wish you all good and best ideas, till the next time.

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