“Virus” some news

Hello everyone.

Hungry for some news on games development?

Today we are ready to talk about our project named Virus.
The Virus has already been announced, but let’s remember what it is at large: a turn-based strategy that takes the player to the cruel world of viruses fighting for territory.

Everything is used in struggle for final victory: insidious methods, betrayals, weapons of mass destruction. And meanwhile, the numerous surprises that can turn the course of the battle, are waiting on the battlefield. Great warm-up for the brains of generals of any age.

We’ve put a huge amount of work to create a variety of mechanics for our game, and to make sure the final result looks exciting. Here are some examples:

The game has reached the testing and balancing stage, so we are going to cheer you up you with fresh news soon.

Do not be bored!

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