I am glad to welcome all who are interested!

The time has come to tell you more about one of our projects, which has been left on a dusty shelf for a long time – the moment has come to finish it.

When our team first conceived this project, we didn’t realize the amount of work required to make it happen – so the project could not be completed. “Faceless” was planned as a roguelike, and was supposed to become an atmospheric reminder of “The binding of Isaac”. We plan to make the game grimmer, the player will be surrounded by darkness, limiting his view; and in the dark, the monsters will be waiting, obsessed with an idea to deal with the player once and for all. We hope to create maximum tension for the player in each new step.

Here is a brief plot description:

The hero is a lucky gambling player; many years ago, he agreed to a strange deal – to give up his face for a good fortune. Shaking hands with a man in strange windings, the hero didn’t even dare to think that he would become lucky in fact.
But everything comes to an end eventually, and the time has come to pay for him. The man in the windings has returned, but he could not be called like that anymore. The hero lost his memory along with the face, so only two things remained: hatred to this monster in the windings and a burning desire for revenge.

The main game mechanics will be based on the ability to use face masks, allowing you to apply skills. All of them will be unique, and provide you with different tactics – each player will be able to choose something that suits just him.

However, do not think that enemies will give up so easily, as they have a few of their own tricks in a sleeve and will definitely use them.

For now, we are busy with active work on balancing and debugging gameplay. Stay tuned!

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