Biggest part of development

Hello to all who are interested again!

New articles didn’t come out for a while as we had a lot of work to do these days.

And this means that we have a new material to share with you.

The fundamental part of any game is it’s gameplay, it determines what the game experience will be like. However, only a few people know that the most time-consuming part of the game creation is not the actual gameplay mechanics, but the very content for it.

In the case of our game “Virus”, the main game content will be maps.
Our task is to collect interesting maps, which will allow the player to evenly comprehend the gameplay, drive the excitement and help him not to experience boredom, playing level after level.

The task is not an easy one, it requires a lot of attention, good wit and logic.

Don’t forget to follow our updates and as always, stay tuned!

We’ll be back with more news soon.

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